Algorithmic Imaginations Remix the 80s 90s and Today

Chapter 1: Slowly unfurling leaf on the rainforest ground floor cross fades to child fight in the mud. Fluorescent tube lights spell out Bambi Fantasia flickering next to a row of vending machines that sell severed fingers and rice snacks. Every one is in the same room riding plastic ponies for a quarter. An elderly couple hug tenderly at sunset, because of course there's a palm tree silhouette.

Chapter 2: Focus on a storefront window where four dreamy mermaids are performing yoga. Cut to a spandex crotch working around a bike seat. A man constructs a glass home alone in the midst of deep dimly lit alpine fresh pines. Toggle between hundreds of construction workers in subway tunnels around the world telling the closest other how they wish they were in high school again.

Chapter 3: Spindly alien forms dressed in Helmut Lang attend the Baloney Party show. They're all missing eyebrows.
Outside the rain is eating away at pedestrians. It is decidedly too late for them to receive their trial version of Revolutionary Hair seeing as they are past the appropriate age to be groomed for posh dwellings.

Chapter 4: Beautiful doe eyed boys show off their reflective shirts lost in swirls of hand painted turquoise patterning. Cut to the rush of a standing ovation in a packed convention center where speaker proclaims, "it draws the drawing for you!" Close up of tweezers pulling apart chicken nugget matter under a microscope. A female scientist smiles tenderly at her male counterpart in matching lab coat. 

Chapter 5:
A man with Alzheimer's walking deep into the forest with a Dalmatian waves hello to his neighbors. It's a fall day. The leaves are like a folk song on acoustic guitar. Tiny tambourines play faintly. Analogue whisper magic. There's a severed finger dipped in purple latex in his pocket with sunny day clouds painted on the nail. He can't find his mommy. She's a blonde with a billowing white dress and a deep cleft in her chest. She has nine fingers. She's black and white. She always bends over and blows kisses. When it gets darker, the man realizes that he's not even the dinosaur he used to be. He's become strands of pete moss and can't keep out of other people's flower arrangements. He can't hold on to his dog. So the dog begins to eat plates full of chicken nuggets shaped like his master, and it cries bitterly. The man tries to comfort it, but the dog tears at his leg. Finally he's alone. And with a few moments left he sees the sky soften like the inside of his mother's mouth. He swallows the finger so no one can find it, and settles in for a cup of coffee with friends.