Artist Statement 2013

I want to create places of worship that reflect the changes in importance and value that we hold for the hierarchy of objects and experiences. Images placed in these spaces should have a strange vibration to them like they are poised - imbued with potential energy. Each image becomes a power source when correctly composed. Nothing in these spaces should be bound to aesthetic uniformity, rather they should all be bound by frequency. One way that frequency may be revealed is through psychedelic detail, remnants of a tradition where emanating waves, obsessive patterning, saturation of color, and deep contour translate the experiences of hallucination which speak to reality. 

Cartoons, and comedy are tools used to uncover anxieties or desires in a way that holds them separate from generally perceived reality to become meditative points. They are subjective until they hit the correct frequency, at which point an understanding of the thing displayed becomes known, like the way a caricature captures the essence of a person. It's a popular form of understanding. One where you could display something grotesque or terrifying that is difficult to see in photographic format as something humorous or light, or at least able to be seen. Through these formats subject matter may be placed like stations to be meditated on, and all objects or experiences may pass through these filters. 

Spectacle and entertainment is a crucial aspect of all dealings with this world where crowd dynamics are a lynch pin to understanding successful communication. There is a pop spectacle that unites us, and a series of practitioners who help us to decipher feeling and action on every scale. Everyone is familiar with how to watch the spectacle and many wish to become involved, but due to budgeting dilemmas, the higher ups couldn't possibly allow the layman to enter this arena. Therefor, every meeting for worship will offer the ability to join in and participate, adding their energy into the event when they see fit. There are no judgements in the event space. Explicit sexuality and violence is welcome when necessary - though never preferred over any other form of bodily communication - and under no circumstances will this be judged outside of the event space in any other way than a display of honest human behavior. 

Through creating a space for worship we will be able to feel and therefor understand the way our physical realities have been effected by realms of the digital and cognitive that have occupied our collective consciousness and become the primary mode of existence. 

Only by removing yourself from the network may you see all of it's connections objectively