It is during times of strife and political unrest that we must band together and become the revolutionary force we wish to see in our world. Only by honing our skills for change may we take power back from those who would happily send thriving citizens under the yoke of tyranny. The brutal double standard of our police state may refuse us our second amendment rights, but it is then that we meet their ban with creativity on the front lines. A rock tied to a stick, a sharpened toothbrush handle, a bunch of nails set into the head of a baseball bat - these are all traditional handmade weapons for close range combat. Then we have gasoline, which we may put into cars and drive over the enemy. Fire that we may contain in bottles and spread all over their clothing, and large men infected with AIDs that can spit at target faces. We have many options available to wage the next righteous freedom war of civility, and the only mistake is inaction. Why there has been so much silent acceptance of innocent lives lost in the past is only a question of our own fear and confusion. It is time that we riot and murder ourselves.