Physical production of dreams is deemed indulgent by cultural conservatives. These are the same concerned parties who believe our economy - ruled by the logic and consensus of a failing star, must dismiss anything implausible. The market is reserved for supposedly utilitarian transaction of necessary goods and services only. Aside from analytical angles, dreamlike atmospheres reveal constantly shifting zones of hypnosis produced by consumptive attractors. Every seemingly unexpected passing stimulus has a cash register at its nucleus. If we are to draw distinctions between dream and reality while passing through these zones, we must begin to redact the definition of manifest. 

Clear or obvious to the eye or mind

"The system's manifest failings"

This is a recognition of judgement in that we admit to plutonic ideals of working systems whenever confronted with a failing one. The dichotomy of existence creates a chasm for which manifestation must be the bridge. It is possible for this means of traversing the vacuum between synoptic firing to waiver before reaching physical reality. This jump in registration may be violent enough to abort any number of possibilities.

Display or show (a quality or feeling) by one's acts or appearance; demonstrate.

"Ray manifested signs of severe depression"

These introductory results suggest that manifestation is also linked to a pantomime of mental atmosphere which produces inclement emotions.

It is appropriate then to consider logical creation as a separate strain, existing outside of emotional eruption. To cordon off impulsive thoughts and censor them even from oneself through force of will maintains social lubrication. Agreed upon sanity is the bedrock of industry. Through this bedrock runs rivulets of contradiction though. Occasionally we encounter someone like Steve Jobs describing a vision of his empire he received through hallucinations induced by LSD. It is then possible to place a positive value on the term manifest, as he had a dream which was translated into physical profit margins. 

Logic and rational is prone to growths that blur any distinct boundaries to its core location. Ancient history is reformed into a base of tangible fact for mysticism and superstitious belief to flourish. The Grand Canyon is home to structures carved away by The Elements before time. This is why there are howling spirits within. It is a collection of generations of ghosts. We may choose to marvel at how old the canyon is, how it's harsh existence would easily eradicate us. This binary fact of the canyon's switch being left almost eternally in the on position in comparison to ours being an accidental bump in a dark room might also evoke the vertigo of the sublime. In cases like this, rational thought is shown to have its borders drawn right at this edge between knowing oneself to be in a canyon, and knowing oneself to be in a canyon of time. The introduction of time may in this example create sensations of a spiritual realm. Though everything in the universe is technically the same age, we don't experience a submission to the ages when confronted with a field of springtime daisies.